Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weird Curry Snacks

Hi! It is raining and we are in the high 50Fs (10Cs) today.

Sometimes, my co-workers buy something weird for souvenir. Few weeks ago, one guy bought "curry flavored ramune (lemon pop)" from Yokosuka. The catch line says "Indian will be amazed" but it amazes Japanese, too! First, it has a sweet taste, but pretty hot and spicy afterwards in your mouth and stomach! Yuck!!!

Another souvenir was "soup curry caramel" from Hokkaido. The package says "meditation version"... Yes. Truly hope I could forget this flavor... It is also sweet at first but spicy, like you eating caramel with curry powder! Ew!!!

There are many weird snack souvenirs in Japan everywhere!!! Never will buy again, but newsy, right?!

Changing my topic, last night, I had a fight with my boyfriend while texting... He didn't come home... I was frustrated with something... of course my supervisor, he is slow + he has a bad breath (he smokes), which makes me more frustrated during the meeting!!! Sorry my honey...

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    I'm trying to think of the weird snacks we have here. I don't think I would like the taste of curry with lemon and sweet?

    You are so funny! "Truly hope I can forget this flavor."" Good one! Cracks me up!!!

    I know I do the same thing, I just yelled at my husband tonight too. I feel guilty, because he always trys to stay in a good mood, and I bring him down. I told him I wasn't in a good mood! So best to leave me alone!

    What would your boyfriend do if you didn't come home! :)

  2. Hi Ochi,

    Here we do got some weird snacks as well,but I seldom go and buy it..I thought that maybe I won't finish it and it's quite a waste to throw away.

    Hope your boyfriend will be fine..Sometimes we do get emotional and frustrated.Me too..but my boyfriend just kept silence as he knew my bad temper.I felt bad each times after that..

  3. Kombanwa Ochi San.
    The person who bought this kind of snacks,isa good partner to my husband.
    i think they have the same sense of buying and choosing snacks.

  4. Ohayo jo,

    I can't imagine you yelling at your husband! But I understand how you feel!!!

    >>best to leave me alone!
    I totally agree with you!!!
    I felt in the same way...

    I once didn't go home but he just called me once and that was it...
    He is also like your husband, tries to stay in a good mood, so he won't say anything that worsens the situation! Wise but I feel lonely :(

  5. Hi jose,

    Me, too!!! I won't pay for any weird snack, so I wonder why my co-workers like to try them...

    Your boyfreind, mine and jo's husband are all alike! Good for us ;) But you have to be careful... because sometimes my boyfriend also gets really frustrated...

  6. Hello merce,

    It makes sense that your husband likes weird snacks!
    Kind of a laugh tart, isn't he?! My co-workers are the same ;)


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