Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Effects of the Recession: Peacock Store and Cafe La Mille

Hello! The high is 60F (16C) and very sunny today ;)
My boyfriend came home last night but I still didn't feel good...

Yesterday, I went to see my orthodontist again because my braces broke... I think I should stay away from granola. Anyway, I always make small talk with the doctor. In the midst of conversation, he told me eye-opening news! The supermarket (Peacock Store) near my home is going to close down in the end of January!!! As far as I know, that store was there for more than 5 years (since I lived there)... I saw many stores winding-up on TV but never thought of my neighborhood being hit by the recession :( I need to take pictures before they close. I found some on the net but not in my album!!!

Next to the supermarket, there is my favorite cafe called Cafe La Mille. They are going to close down as well... Their spacious space makes me feel at home. I love their salad platter!!! This is the place where I brainstorm my recipe ideas. I have a houseful of memories there :( Again, I haven't taken many pictures. I need to take my camera with me this weekend!!!

But yes, to tell the truth, many people now go near station to spend their time because there are some shops and restaurants in a shopping mall called CORTY, opened in September 2006. Of course I go there, too.

I hope the economy won't get worse...

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    Sorry to say, but I fear this is happening all over the globe. I think it's been going on for a long time, and they're finally taking notice because the BIG companies are now in trouble.

    Small business has gone down all over the place in my area! Such a sad time to see all these wonderful places of business go. Yes I see it getting worse before getting better, especially with the car manufacturers!

  2. Kombanwa Ochi San.
    Yes,you always made a guess..and your right.thanks a lot for your time and always part of my day.

    Please take care always!

  3. Ohayo jo,

    Yes. You are right... all over the globe is true! Kind of shocking to see the effects of the recession this close in my area :(

    I see car manufacturers' news everyday on TV... Temps are getting laid off here, too. It is scary because if one company starts, other companies do the same thing!!!

    But still, permanent staffs are of advantage, because of the trend of Japanese, so I'm afraid of knowing the reality... Maybe something really bad may happen someday soon...

  4. Hi merce,

    It's my pleasure to see your stuff ;)
    Kind of fun to see something I never saw!!!
    I wish I could visit your country someday.

  5. Merry Christmas!
    I'm hoping someday you can visit us here.

    Really!you don't have any samantha thavasa items,but i'm sure you have most expensive one.
    but anyway,those are gift from my brother in law and his wife.

  6. Hi merce,

    What a nice gift!!!
    You've got an elegant one ;)

    I should ask my santa, ha-ha!
    I meant my bf, but I think he wouldn't get me one... I'm sure...

  7. Hi! HISASHIBURI! This is Tomi.

    Your blog's title "Effects of the Recession" intrigued me to comment.
    When I went to Tokyo in November, I went to Mr. Donuts and had my all-time favorite donut, "The Old Fashion." When I went to the table, there was a little note that said something like "Old Fashion has improved the taste!!"
    When I ate it, it didn't taste good at all. Then, I figured out that they must have changed the ingridents to save money because of the high food prices.
    It was kind of depressing.....

  8. Hello Tomi-san,

    >>Mr. Donuts
    I haven't been there for a while, but that was a bad improvement!!!

    This reminds me of Kobeya's "An Donuts"... Their sizes were obviously smaller than before!!!

    How is in NY?! I hope I won't see a drastic change the next time I visit...


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