Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Effects of the Recession: Peacock Store and Cafe La Mille

Hello! The high is 60F (16C) and very sunny today ;)
My boyfriend came home last night but I still didn't feel good...

Yesterday, I went to see my orthodontist again because my braces broke... I think I should stay away from granola. Anyway, I always make small talk with the doctor. In the midst of conversation, he told me eye-opening news! The supermarket (Peacock Store) near my home is going to close down in the end of January!!! As far as I know, that store was there for more than 5 years (since I lived there)... I saw many stores winding-up on TV but never thought of my neighborhood being hit by the recession :( I need to take pictures before they close. I found some on the net but not in my album!!!

Next to the supermarket, there is my favorite cafe called Cafe La Mille. They are going to close down as well... Their spacious space makes me feel at home. I love their salad platter!!! This is the place where I brainstorm my recipe ideas. I have a houseful of memories there :( Again, I haven't taken many pictures. I need to take my camera with me this weekend!!!

But yes, to tell the truth, many people now go near station to spend their time because there are some shops and restaurants in a shopping mall called CORTY, opened in September 2006. Of course I go there, too.

I hope the economy won't get worse...

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