Monday, February 2, 2009

Pollen Season

Do you have hay fever?

Me? Not yet... so I need to be careful not to develop it! This morning I saw on the news that the hay fever season has arrived earlier this year because of the warmer weather. The pollen count is expected to be 3 times higher than last year! I can't part with mask until summer, I guess.

Different story. My dad temporarily came back from China during CNY, so my family + my boyfriend had dinner at yakiniku restaurant last night. My family has been to Karuizawa (a popular tourist spot) on that day so my mom gave me some souvenirs. Then this morning, I saw on the news that there was Asamayama (active volcano in Karuizawa) eruption early this morning. How scary... The eruption was small but an alert level was raised. Whew! I'm glad that my family came home safe!!!

Anyway, we have small but frequent earthquakes almost daily... The Meteorological Agency isn't giving a warning but I need to be prepared for something bad to happen :(


Oh, by the way, I downloaded a cute wallpaper for my cell the other day. CALGOT & MAIMAI, I found them on the Net last year and I love them since then ;)

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