Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Golden Eho-Maki

Writing the same thing as last year, February 3rd is Setsubun. It is the day before the beginning of Risshun (spring season). On Setsubun, we cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come. This special ritual is called Mamemaki (bean scattering). On this day, it is customary now to eat uncut maki-zushi called Eho-Maki ("lucky direction roll") while facing the yearly lucky compass direction, determined by the zodiac symbol of that year.

The lucky direction of the year 2009 is east-northeast. If you eat Eho-Maki facing in that direction it will bring you luck. But just remember you have to eat all without speaking! Say "delicious" after you complete it ;)

The image here is Eho-Maki that I made last year. It's sushi rice is colored gold with curry powder. Don't you feel lucky?! Also, I used seven lucky ingredients including lucky colors such as red and yellow: anago (conger eel), boiled shrimp, cucumber, red bell pepper, kinshitamago (sliced egg crepe), sakura denbu (seasoned shredded codfish), and black olive.

Hmm... What kind shall I make this year...

Will see! I will post it next year on this day again if I still keep my diary ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    OOooo..I almost forgot now almost spring.How Japan look like during Spring??

    Can you take some pics for me to have a look??Must be pretty.

  2. Hi Ochi,

    You're making me hungry for sushi again. I love the ingredients you put in, I never thought to use black olives. I'm sure I would like it, but I never tasted eel! Yes I'm sure you do say delicious after you eat it! :)

  3. Hi jose,

    It is spring on the calendar, but still cold here. Maybe the real spring comes in the end of March.

    Do you know sakura (cherry blossoms)? I will take that picture during the sakura season ;)

  4. Ohayo jo,

    You know what!? When I wrote this post, I remembered the direction (east-northeast) but we faced to the wrong direction (east-southeast) when we had it!!! Damn my memory! I am soooooooooooooooo stupid :(
    I hope nothing bad happens...

  5. It looks special for the sushi that you make......I hope I can learn it!!

  6. Konnichiwa ochisan!
    Todays news in NHK,i saw kids throwing beans.
    before my husband told me about setsubun,that's why i understand little bit.
    but,Eho-Maki,i never heard from him.maybe he forgot to tell me.
    but,what makes me surprise,is facing some directions,really?

  7. Hello again Ochisan!
    My simple shots post,is about a gasoline station,that selling also some groceries,beside the gas machine.
    like soy sauce,vinegar,and catsup.
    they're really funny!
    yes,that big shadow is me.

    My husband is using nifty site.

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hello anGeLine,

    I saw you guys made sushi rolls at CNY ;)
    Your sister(?) did a great job! I am sorry I still don't get who is who. You have so many brothers and sisters!

  9. Hi merce-san,

    Maybe he knows about Eho-Maki!
    Ask him ;)
    >>facing some directions,really?
    Yes! It will bring you luck!

  10. Hello merce-san,

    Groceries?! Not snacks?! That is funny!!!
    Have you ever bought any?!

    I just set your hubby's blog to follow :)
    I didn't know that I can follow the other blogs with blogger system!

  11. Thank you Ochisan!he is glad that you are following on his blog.

    Anyway,i asked him about Eho-Maki and he teach me,what is all about.
    and about the groceries,i did'nt buy anything.

  12. That was good, merce-san!
    Great that you can learn in your language ;)
    I don't feel like buying groceries there, too. Maybe snacks... right?!

  13. Nevermind, ya....Josephine is my sister!!

  14. Thanks anGeLine,

    How fun to have so many sisters and brothers ;) Oh your mom is amazing! I can't imagine looking after so many children! Ha-ha!!!


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