Thursday, March 19, 2009


On White Day (3/14), my boyfriend and I attended an exhibition called Suite Sweets Japan, where you can find the latest sweets from around the world. It was held at Tokyo dome city from 3/13-3/15, while International Patisserie Grand Prix 2009 (world's top-class pastry chefs' contest) was ongoing.

The exhibition was small in scale, but there were many interesting events on stage. We saw a wedding cake demonstration by chef Tsumagari. He and his disciples built up 6.5feet (2m) high & 132lbs (60kg) heavy wedding cake in about an hour! It was shaky at first so we all were worried, but they made-up! Surprisingly enough, it stopped shaking when it's completed. The chef is a good entertainer! He asked us if there is any couple who wants to cut the wedding cake. I immediately asked my boyfriend but he shook his head... so the other couple whose partner is aggressive got the chance! However, the chef again said we all could have a chance to take picture with the cake, so I immediately ran and lined up. Of course the line was closed soon after having a long line of people waiting! I think I was right that I didn't ask my boyfriend and ran!

The cake was cut and passed out to the first 300 people. I wanted to try it out, but the time they would pass out was after a couple of hours so we gave up. Actually, my boyfriend didn't want to wait... I knew he was hungry for dinner, so we left the exhibition.

For dinner, we had sushi at a department store in Shinjuku. Of course I ate my favorite fish, anago (conger eel)! It was really delicious and was close to the anago that my poor grandpa caught.

The high today is 68F(20C) again! I hope the weather won't drop till Saturday, since I am going to attend my friend's wedding!!!

Tomorrow is a holiday, Vernal Equinox Day! Yay!!! But unfortunately, my boyfriend caught a heavy stomach flu yesterday and it is said that the flu won't be cured for at least 5 days! I need to be careful not to pick up his cold before the wedding. Of course he took a day off today...

Because of this current recession or somehow, there are so many train injury accidents. Many train lines are delayed every morning. Too bad...

Let's do our best!!!
See you next week :)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Very neat to see them build a cake so tall in short period of time! You were right to run to get picture with cake!

    Our temperatures are going up and down too. I hung clothes out on the line today, the wind blew my hubby's jeans off the line! Love the spring winds!

  2. P.S. I loved your pictures as always! :)

  3. Hi Ochi,
    Amazing!! the chef and his disciples can built up 6.5feet (2m) high & 132lbs (60kg) heavy wedding cake in about an hour!
    Hope your boyfriend get well soon. And you have to take care yourself because you need to attend to your friend's weeding.

  4. Hi Ochi,

    I had been busy lately..missed all your post.But I will read back your post soon.

    First,I really love your photo.Your boyfriend and you are a really sweet couple.

    You two always knew how to make your life more interesting.I mean with so much activities to do.

    Me and boyfriend really busy this whole week,we barely go out together.I think I should get some time for us.

    Take care,get healthy..

  5. Ohayo jo,

    My boyfriend is passive, so I need to be aggressive!
    But he said me first that he loves me, so I know he acts when necessary! Ha-ha!!!

    It is windy here, too.
    Be careful with your clothes ;)

  6. Hi jo,

    I am looking forward to seeing your spring pics, too ;)

  7. Hi anGeLine,

    My boyfriend is now fine, after suffering for about 2 days!!!
    That virus was terrible, but I'm glad he recovered ;)

    Thanks for your concern! I could attend my friend's wedding!
    I will post about it later :)

  8. Hi jose,

    I found your recent posts! Glad to hear from you!!!

    Thanks for saying that to us. We fight a lot, you know! Ha-ha!!!

    Yes! Please find time to go out with your honey!
    I know you two know how to enjoy yourselves ;)


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