Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wow!!! Lucky Me!!!

Sometimes I am in luck!
This month, I won 2 big grand prizes at the contests held at Cookpad (recipe site).

I can't get carried away because the next contests are going to held from this point, but let me feel delight for a while :)

On 5/11, my "Bacon Rolled Shrimp Saute" won the grand prize. It was a shrimp recipe contest that asked to create side dishes that goes good with Kirin beer. The recipe will be used for their promotions, such as recipe card, poster, and store front promotional video.

As seen on the right image, the prize for this contest was 16 slabs of low-malt beer and 2 slabs of sparkling liquor. Wow! But unfortunately, my boyfriend and I don't drink that much, so I decided to give them to my mom and her friends. They were happy with them ;)

Then today, my "Healthy Colorful Rolled Chicken" won the grand prize! The contest was to create easy and healthy side dishes using Reed Healthy-Cooking Paper: A thick cooking paper with water and oil retention to promote “healthy cooking” while protecting vitamins and reducing calories.
I wrapped vegetable rolled chicken with this cooking paper, steamed in the microwave, and browned in a pan. I flavored it with shiso leaves and umeboshi (pickle ume), so it has a mild taste.

The prize was an assortment of laundry detergents, dish soaps etc... Plus, popular culinarian Koh Kentetsu's autographed recipe book!!! I am excited to receive them all. Sometimes things are much more valuable than cash ;)

I get too many bad results than good ones, but I think there is hope.
Let's keep trying!!!

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