Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pepsi Shiso

Hi! Today, I tried "Pepsi Shiso" which just went on sale!!! Shiso is Japanese basil. This Pepsi comes in lime green soda, conveying a feeling of coolness!

Well... I think it tastes green, too much like shiso! Ha-ha!!!

It's a yearly staple that Suntory (Pepsi's distributor in Japan) releases such a funny Pepsi drink! In 2008, they sold "Pepsi Blue Hawaii". That was interesting, too!

Changing my story, my boyfriend came home so late (at 4am) last night, that I got little nervous and couldn't go to bed... I just slept for an hour!!! Now I am really sleepy. Coffee doesn't help me wake up X(

Anyway, I added a link on the left sidebar, under ABOUT THIS BLOG, to view "Food and Drink Products". Hope you find it interesting ;)

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