Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pepsi Shiso

Hi! Today, I tried "Pepsi Shiso" which just went on sale!!! Shiso is Japanese basil. This Pepsi comes in lime green soda, conveying a feeling of coolness!

Well... I think it tastes green, too much like shiso! Ha-ha!!!

It's a yearly staple that Suntory (Pepsi's distributor in Japan) releases such a funny Pepsi drink! In 2008, they sold "Pepsi Blue Hawaii". That was interesting, too!

Changing my story, my boyfriend came home so late (at 4am) last night, that I got little nervous and couldn't go to bed... I just slept for an hour!!! Now I am really sleepy. Coffee doesn't help me wake up X(

Anyway, I added a link on the left sidebar, under ABOUT THIS BLOG, to view "Food and Drink Products". Hope you find it interesting ;)

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  1. How are you ochisan?
    yes,my post made in the philippines,but,thailand dishes.

  2. Looks funny...taste shiso,sounds bad for me.
    i really hate that taste,kusai desu.
    but,for my husband,sound really interesting.

    thanks for sharing!

    hope you have a good day,even though,you are sleepy.

  3. Hi merce-san,

    I love Thai food ;)
    Yes. I think I am doing fine... little tired, though...

  4. Hi merce-san,

    I think you will hate this drink.
    It was really KUSAI!!!

    I slept enough last night, but I had a little fight with my bf this morning... made me tired again X(

  5. Hi Ochi,

    Seems they are selling many drinks in many flavors and colors. So I'm guessing you didn't like it much!

    Your boyfriend need to let you know, he will be late so you don't wait up for him! Not very nice of him to stay out so late and make you worry! :)

  6. Ochi,

    I don't think this Pepsi with basil will taste nice,Do you agree??

    I'm thinking now in a few years times,will peoples gonna make pepsi with carrot or pepsi with corn or whatever?? Eeww..sound gross!

  7. Hi jo,

    It didn't taste that bad, but not worth to the money. Ha-ha ;)

    Yes! He should have called me!!!
    Then everything was fine, you know!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    I agree :)

    But I think Pepsi with carrot is not that bad, since we have a lot of vegetable coctails! Corn sounds weird, though X(

  9. Hello ochisan!
    Hope you are completely okey.
    feeling tired,is always with us,without that...we can easily give up.

    anyway about my post

    last time,i got a tonsilitis.and when i reach to my doctor's clinic.i sat down infront of the door,coz inside is fulled of patients,and i saw this bottle infront of me left beside the door.
    too bad for others.

    and my other post,it's not a garbage.infront of my living place,we made a speed humps for our safety,some drivers here,will not follow our subdivission rules.

  10. Hi merce-san,

    That's right! Never give up ;)

    Oh, are you okay now???

    What are the things around the bumps?

    Anyway, thanks for your explanations!!!

  11. Konnichiwa.

    Yes,i'm very okey now.thank you!

    Around the bumps,that's sand.

  12. Hi merce-san,

    I am happy to know that you are doing fine ;)

    Now I got it!!!


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