Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gorgeous Ikura and Kani Sushi Roll

Is it already summer break here?! Our work today is so slow that I don't even want to use my brain for today's dinner menu...

Anyway, last Saturday, we ate out at Izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment) called Hananomai. We sometimes go to Izakaya not to drink but to eat because they have many small dishes at low prices! We were actually heading for kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi restaurant) but we changed our mind after seeing this attractive ad of seafood from Hokkaido!!!

Don't you think the sushi roll on the left bottom image attractive?! Ikura (salmon roe) and kani (crabmeat) are sprinkled over a pile of sushi rolls.

It came like the image above! Pretty good but somehow they brought this at the very end... which was too bad because we waited for a long time. We should have said to the waiter that we want it first!

This is all for today!

Maybe tomorrow, I will start translating my recipes.

I can't wait to attend the hula class tonight!!!

Bye for now ;)

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