Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gorgeous Ikura and Kani Sushi Roll

Is it already summer break here?! Our work today is so slow that I don't even want to use my brain for today's dinner menu...

Anyway, last Saturday, we ate out at Izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment) called Hananomai. We sometimes go to Izakaya not to drink but to eat because they have many small dishes at low prices! We were actually heading for kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi restaurant) but we changed our mind after seeing this attractive ad of seafood from Hokkaido!!!

Don't you think the sushi roll on the left bottom image attractive?! Ikura (salmon roe) and kani (crabmeat) are sprinkled over a pile of sushi rolls.

It came like the image above! Pretty good but somehow they brought this at the very end... which was too bad because we waited for a long time. We should have said to the waiter that we want it first!

This is all for today!

Maybe tomorrow, I will start translating my recipes.

I can't wait to attend the hula class tonight!!!

Bye for now ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    That sushi roll looked delicious.But I not dare to eat the salmon roe.

    I did not like to eat something raw..but Ken said sushi with salmon slice taste great.I never tried.

  2. most of sushi I have eaten is raw.
    Ikura is a bit salty in test.

    I want to ask something, what do you call a miso soup with crab meat in it ?

  3. Hi Ochi,

    The sushi looks great, except for the salmon roe. Don't eat fish eggs, including caviar! Would love the kani, and crabmeat though!

    Have fun at your hula! I can tell you put your heart into it! :)

  4. Hi jose,

    Oh, you don't like raw fish!?
    I can eat raw fish but I am a picky eater! I don't like shellfish, fatty fish and chewy fish... which means most of the raw fish! Ha-ha!!!

    You should try sushi rolls! They are easy to eat ;)

  5. Hello again ;)

    Yes! Ikura is salty, so I seldom use soy sauce when sushi is served with it.

    Is that "Kani misoshiru"?! But this is too direct translation... Hmm...

  6. Hi jo,

    You don't eat salmon roe!? But I don't like caviar, so I understand what you mean. Actually, my mom doesn't like salmon roe and she doesn't eat fish eggs, too. I believe you would love kani ;)

    I enjoyed the hula class yesterday :) I can't wait to attend the next class!

  7. Hello ochisan!

    Looks very delicious!
    but when we had a bonding time with my family in zushi restaurant,i just watched them,when they're eating this kind of food.

  8. Hi again!
    My post today in simple shots,dried firewoods.
    and love to eat,just okra plants,outside in our subdivission.

  9. Hello merce-san,

    I saw your YouTube video of Kaitenzushi ;)
    Did you like it?!

  10. Hi merce-san again,

    Thanks in advance! I will take a look right away ;)


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