Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt with granola is something I really love!
Why we don't have it in Japan?!
I found it everywhere in NYC, even at Starbucks (they also had nice and healthy meal packs which I never saw before. I'm gonna try those next year if they are still available)!!!

The image is at dishes (Juice/Smoothie bar) at Grand Central. I just took pic of yogurt parfaits. We had yogurt shake there.

I had one small (9 oz.) yogurt parfait at Europa Cafe (during the trip to NY). I can eat larger size (16 oz.) by myself if I don't have to save calories! Yummy!!!

The rainy season has ended in Tokyo! Yay!!! But too bad I didn't have that many chances to wear my rain boots... I bought another pair in NYC at COACH. Maybe next year...

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