Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt with granola is something I really love!
Why we don't have it in Japan?!
I found it everywhere in NYC, even at Starbucks (they also had nice and healthy meal packs which I never saw before. I'm gonna try those next year if they are still available)!!!

The image is at dishes (Juice/Smoothie bar) at Grand Central. I just took pic of yogurt parfaits. We had yogurt shake there.

I had one small (9 oz.) yogurt parfait at Europa Cafe (during the trip to NY). I can eat larger size (16 oz.) by myself if I don't have to save calories! Yummy!!!

The rainy season has ended in Tokyo! Yay!!! But too bad I didn't have that many chances to wear my rain boots... I bought another pair in NYC at COACH. Maybe next year...

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  1. Ohayo gozaimasu.

    My kabuhayan post.
    actually,not allowed in my country to do that.specially,riding with out any protections,or overloaded.

    and the other one.yes,but not in special occassions,only inside the house or,beach time.

  2. This time,really different.
    you bought,new boots for rainy season.i bought a jacket for this season too!
    and i never use it.

  3. Hi merce-san,

    Always interesting to see your pictures! You are like a reporter ;)

    Beach time?! That's something I didn't expect to hear!

  4. Hi!

    Maybe someday soon we have a chance to use it!!! I just hope I won't be interested in other design later...

  5. I too love yogurt Ochi. You know at my store, I purchased yogurt sticks, they were packaged as soft yogurt like a popsicle.

    I put them in the freezer, and froze them. What a great treat on a hot day. I went back to get more, and they were all gone!

    You know we're 4 inches short of rain this month! It's been warm but not too warm.

  6. Hi jo,

    That sounds yummy!!! Who ate them all ?! (lol) I wish I could try it. I don't think we have that soft yogurt popsicle in Japan.

    Not too warm is nice! Here it is very HOT!!! High 95 X( I can't stop sweating... Of course I won't wear my nice clothes! Ha-ha!!!

  7. Good morning ochisan!


  8. merce-san,

    Bright colors are nice for beach ;)


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