Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Megami Festival in Jiyugaoka

On Sunday evening, my boyfriend took me to Jiyugaoka since he found a Megami (Goddess) Festival there on the website. The festival is held every year in October. It's the biggest festival of all in Jiyugaoka which hundreds of thousands of people come to enjoy! There is a main stage in front of the station. There are many stage performances such as concerts, character shows, hair cut shows, fashion shows, etc... all day long. Also, there are many shops and food stalls everywhere in the town. Since I prepared a dinner at home, we shared a glass of wine and "Megami Dog" which is a hot dog with a huge sausage! While having a bite, we watched hula dancing show from Hawaii!!! The weather was nice and calm, so we had a good walk in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will write about Monday (national holiday: Health-Sports Day). We took a day trip to Hakone!

See you again!!!

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