Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Finally! I am going to write about Monday the holiday. My boyfriend and I took a day trip to Hakone :) We knew we can easily get there by Romancecar (express train), but we have never used it, so we decided to go there once! It is about an hour and a half to get there from Shinjuku station. The train we took was an older model. My boyfriend was complaining about it. Ha-ha!!!

Our plan for this trip was to relax in a hot spring bath! We enjoyed simple alkaline hot spring at "Himeshara no yu". Outdoor hot spring bath was incredibly relaxing. I think I could refresh my body and soul for a moment. You know I am stressed out... Anyway, after that we enjoyed Begonia Garden. I took a shot of red Begonia with macro mode!

For lunch, we had soba at "Hatsuhana". Soba is said to be good in Hakone because the water there is clean! Hatsuhana serves soba made with yams and eggs. For full flavor, they boil the soba and dry before they serve! I had a cold soba with yam dipping sauce. My boyfriend had tempura soba. Both were great ;)

After lunch, we walked around the town. There were many stores where you can sample the souvenir food! Yummy :D Then we took a rest near the river. We still had loads of time, so we decided to take a local train to visit Kamaboko museum at Kazamatsuri station.

Kamaboko is a variety of Japanese processed seafood product, made from surimi, in which various white fish are pureed, combined with additives, formed into distinctive loaves, and then steamed until fully cooked and firm. At the museum, you can see, make and play with Kamaboko. We again sampled varieties of Kamaboko at stores! Yay ;) Also, we had a local black beer, which was deliciously refreshing!

The return train was a newer model. My boyfriend was happy with it. We bought Ekiben for dinner. Ekiben are railway boxed meals sold on trains and train stations. I think we ate all day long. Ha-ha!

I heard my co-worker has been to Hakone on the same day! She said she's been to Gora where you can enjoy beer tasting. There are many fun places around us. I should go out more often :D

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