Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chocolate with Rum

What kind of chocolate do you like the best? I know jo likes chocolate with macadamia nuts ;)

I love chocolate with rum!!!

Recently, I tried newly-released LOTTE's Specialite: rum cake flavored chocolate. It was really rummy and delicious!!! It's only 2 bucks per bar. I know it aggravates my acne, but a bite makes me happy, you know!

Tonight I have a hula class, which makes me even more happy! I want to get another pa'u skirt soon for a change.

Aloha :-)

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  1. Your chocolate sounds really good. You know what other kind of chocolate I like is the Dark chocolate M&M's, oh they're sooooooooo good! Do they sell M&M's in Japan. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can get for 50 cents a small pack. Just enough to indulge myself in! Yes you must keep yourself happy and treat yourself once in awhile!

  2. Hi jo,

    Yes. We do have M&M's but like KitKat, chocolate tastes different from that in the US! I hope you can try Japanese one someday. You will know then ;)

    Yes. Happiness cures everything!!!


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