Friday, December 11, 2009

Scary Yummy Iseebi!!!

This is something about 11/29. I received a box of Iseebi (Panulirus japonicus / Japanese spiny lobster) as the prize of the contest. When I received the box, I heard the sound, so I cautiously put my ear on the box, and again, I heard the same sound!!! I knew it was a perishable food, but NOT ALIVE! My darling looked up the picture book and what we saw was something like the left image!!! (This image is from The World Biodiversity Database)

We gave up to open the box and I called my mom. She gratefully took it home. Whew... Later, she texted me with some photos and said there were 5 Iseebi in the box!!! When she opened the box, they were full of energy and jumped out form the box! I'm glad I gave them to her...

In the evening, she brought 2 of them after she boiled. They were really delicious! She said she couldn't make them into sashimi because they were really strong... Can you imagine cooking them on your own?!

It's raining cold today. I have a long meeting plus reception tonight. Booooo! I wanna go home!!!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Scary they sent you live lobsters. I love lobster, but wouldn't like to cook them live! Your mom is brave! We're very cold over here!

  2. Hahaha, sorry I am laughing, but I would have been scared as well!

    The lobster look delicious though, I bet your mom was happy to have something so nice to eat =)

  3. Hi Jo,

    Yep! My mom is brave. I think your mom can, too. We Japanese have a custom to clean fish by ourselves and eat, but now, less people do that since we can easily get cleaned & frozen fish at stores! I need to learn from her someday...

    It is getting cold here, too. Please take care!!!

  4. Hi Theda,

    I'm glad that I didn't open the box immediately. Whew... I don't think I can grab them into a boiling water X(


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