Monday, June 28, 2010

Squid Ink Fried Rice @ Churari

On Saturday night, we had dinner at Okinawan restaurant called Churari. Churari means beautiful land in Okinawan dialect. The restaurant serves you the dishes using selected ingredients direct from the farm in Okinawa.

We last ordered squid ink fried rice cooked in the stone dish. I love burnt rice but you can't tell which part is burnt from this black color. Ha-ha! Actually, it was my first time to try squid ink and was pretty good with the rich flavor of seafood! Have you ever tried squid ink?!

Anyway, we also tried iPad! My opinion is I'd rather pay for a new laptop!!!

Busy Monday as usual...

Have a good day :D

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  1. Hi ReBekha!

    Squid ink in your area should be fresh and delicious!!! mmmmm I wish I could go to Okinawa someday to enjoy the real Okinawan food!!!

  2. *mmm* i love burnt rice...and i love squid too but i've never tried squid ink!!!

  3. You /should/ come to Okinawa! It is not that far away. :) I can show you around! ;)

  4. Hi Kym,

    I think some Italian dishes use squid ink! Hope you have a chance to try it out!!!

  5. Hi ReBekha,

    Thanks!!! Nice to have you there as a guide ;) I know it is not far away as long as I live in Japan! I just need time and chance! Ha-ha!!!

  6. Ochi,

    I never try squid ink before.How does it taste actually?*curious*


  7. Hi jose,

    It tastes like seafood. Good ink tastes good, so I hope you can try good one :)


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