Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Bought a Home!!!

On Friday (6/25), my darling signed the purchasing contract for a condo! 3 months ago, we looked for a brand-new home to start with. However, we ended up getting an existing home because I realized it is wise (save more than ten million) to renovate to live in a good location with my favorite room layout and kitchen!!! Also, some existing homes have steady administrative structure and accumulated fund for many years which you can feel safe.

Our condo is a 5-minute walk to the train station. Close to the city, it is located in a quiet residential area, in front of schools and ward office. Our room is on the 10th floor with the night view of the city (Shinjuku). Also, we can view fireworks in the summer. Our dream is to have a drink on the balcony.

To tell the truth, we negotiated in the price and got millions of discount. The seller wants to move out in January, so we accepted that condition in exchange. According to my R.E. database, it was a good deal. He-he ;)

Our plan is to renovate there next January and move in by March, so I have enough time to finalize my ideas for the renovation. Now I am looking for a good remodeling contractor. A lot of research to do... Whew!

Anyway, we are leaving for NY tomorrow!!!

Talk to you later ;)

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  1. Thanks Tornadoes28,

    I hope it is big enough for us!!! I have to organize my stuff by the end of the year...

  2. Congratulations!
    and happy trip...

    we are very tired also,for our new home.

  3. You're moving right along Ochi. How wonderful for you and your honey!! Can't wait to see your photos!! Have a safe trip!!

  4. Ochi,

    Congratulations!!! How lucky you're to have a great place.

    Really can't wait to view your house decoration photos in future.

    Have a safe trip to NY..

  5. Congratulations!!
    Wow! So exciting!

    I was just in Central Park today. We were on a boat in the lake. I was thinking about you and your plan to take wedding photos in the park.

    It is perfect weather!! I hope you are having fun if you are already here.


  6. Hi merce-san,

    Thanks! We just came back :(
    Fun time flies!!!

  7. Hi Jo,

    It is sometimes pain in the neck to discuss details with salespeople, but I hope everything goes fine!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Thank you!!! I hope I can show you my home... but recently, I realized renovation is not that easy :( I will show you when it worked out as I expected :P

  9. Hi TOMI-san,

    Thanks!!! Yes! We were at Belvedere Castle and near the 59th on that day :D We should have gone to the lake, too!!!


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