Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mister Potato Crisps

Mister Potato Crisps is made from 100% high-grade imported potatoes. It comes in a 160g or 45g package.

The product is manufactured in Malaysia. The finely sliced potatoes are washed in cold water to remove starch from its surface to prevent the potato chips from sticking to each other when fried. These chips are then cooked in trans-fat free oil and lightly flavored. Thus you can enjoy unique crispy texture with non-salty healthy tastes!

I found this potato chips at the drug store. 160g can was sold at 100yen (3.5RM), so I bought only one to try out. Unexpectedly it was pretty good, so I decided to get another one the next day but most were already sold out when I returned.

To tell the truth, it tastes better than PrinXXXX :D

Try out when you find one!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Surprise to see Mister Potato in Japanese's words!! Because what I saw here was in English.

    But the price is that you bought was almost the same price here.And I actually seldom eat potato crisps as I always felt fat after eating them.

    But I'm happy that you love it.

  2. Hi jose,

    Yay! You knew it!!!

    Do you feel fat eating potato crisps?! I thought they were better than the regular potato chips :D How about the rice crisps?!

    Anyway, glad to hear from you!!!

  3. Hi Ochikeron

    I am surprised that this is available in Japan. This is one of the cheaper brands of chips we have here. I do not like it as much as Lays as the chips are harder in texture.

  4. Hi Mi,

    Thanks for your comment!!!

    Exactly!!! The texture is hard but I thought it might make my face look smaller if I bite a lot. Ha-ha!!!

    Anyway, they sold well at the drug store ;)

  5. i'm a sucker for potato chips.. actually i'm a sucker for anything potato! i bet i'd love this too! ;P

  6. Ochi,

    LOL, that's a good excuse to eat more chips :p

    Oh, speaking of jaw exercises, I have a recipe for the ultimate and it involves french beans :)Healthier option LOL

  7. Hi Kym,

    I remember you had a cool potato kebab the other day ;)
    Hope you find this at your closest asian store!!!

  8. Hi Mi,

    French beans sound delicious!!!
    Please let me know the recipe if you don't mind :D


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