Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

During the wedding reception, we planned a surprise for our siblings!

We decided to walk out with them before we change costumes. I have two younger sisters and my darling has two younger brothers. We are the oldest ;)

My sisters wore elegant furisode (振袖) which is a traditional long-sleeved kimono for unmarried women. My darling's brothers wore suits because many men usually wear suits at the ceremony.

Do we look alike?! he-he!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I like the Japanese costume that your sisters wore..Must be quite complicated on the wearing process because I saw quite a few layers,am I right??

    Your sisters look alike you.Did they stay near to your place??You always can visit them whenever you want..

    But I need to travel to another state to visit my siblings..

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes! I think it is very complicated to wear furisode since we ask a dresser to dress it!

    My sisters live with my parents, 20 min a walk from my house, so yes! But I see them once in few months. Maybe because I live close, I don't miss them much.

    I know how much you miss your family since I used to live far away in the US for a long while.

  3. awww, that is so sweet! it's great that you've included your siblings! :)

    re: your comment: i think malls in HK close pretty late... maybe even close to midnight??? and none of us speak cantonese fluently... (well, we're not chinese to begin with, hehe) but i think out of all of us, my brother can speak the most phrases.

  4. Hi Kym,

    How nice you can shop late!!!

    None of you speak Cantonese?! That sounds really international by nature :D

    Here in Japan, it is hard to find people who speak only English. Ha-ha!


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