Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Marital Anniversary

It's been already a year since we filed our marriage paper!!!

On 11/22, we reserved an Italian restaurant called "Passo a Passo" in Monzennakacho, which was the prize for Jambalaya Original Recipe Contest 2010.

The dinner for 2 was worth 100 bucks per person! The special course of the day was gibier. Gibier means wildlife animal. Believe it or not, we had cave bear dishes!!! The cave bears grew up on oranges, so they don't have strong taste! All dishes were amazingly delicious!!!

For Pumpkin Risotto, the owner chef Arima used Calrose (California rice) which he newly harvested in California. It went great with Mozzarella in the center! Mmm!!! I couldn't believe it's the same rice I used for the contest...

And of course, the wine they served was really great! At first, I was going to try different kinds, but I stayed with Barbera del Monferrato Superiore 2003! The wine is made of classic grapes of Italy's Piedmont region. Fruity fresh wine but has a deep aroma. I love the way it tastes casual ;)

For dessert, we had pear compote. How come the chef knew that it was our anniversary!? On our plates, he wrote "Auguri (congrats)" and "Buena Felicita (best wishes)" :D

Thanks to the chef and his wife (she served our table)! We had a heartwarming anniversary.

Then last but not least, my darling gave me a sweet gift with an adorable message card. He wrote, "Please use this hand creams and let's walk hand in hand forever"!

Yes, I will!!!

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  1. WOW! One year already! Congratulations on your first anniversary.
    The hand cream and love-note are sooooo cute. You have found yourself a great husband!!

  2. What a romantic night you had! Never ate bear! Great food, Great place, and great company!! Congrads!!

  3. cave bear huh??!?! that would be an interesting one to try... but like you said, they were fed differently so there wasn't a funny taste! :P what a sweet message from your love too!

  4. Ochi,

    Your hubby is a romantic man!!!I felt so touched too when I read the love note that he gave you..

    Congratulations,Ochi.Wish you the happiness.

  5. Hi fran,

    Yes, already!!! I can't believe it!!! Maybe I know you for more than a year!? Time flies!!!

  6. Hi Jo,

    Oh, I just realized you know how to cook wild animals!!! Amazing!!!

    What my darling gave me was pretty useful. I liked his idea ;)

  7. Hi Kym,

    You know what!? At first, I imagined a huge black bear, but it is actually a really small raccoon-like bear. The way it's fed was special but is a wild animal. It doesn't smell at all because it was caught by a skilled hunter and cooked by a skilled chef! I'm surprised that I didn't get sick since then because sometimes I feel sick afterwards when I eat something unusual!

  8. Thanks jose!

    I hope we can somewhat celebrate our anniversary forever.

  9. Ahaha, I can read what they wrote on your plates!!!
    Not to difficult for an italian....:)


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