Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When we have no idea what to eat, we always go to kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi restaurant). Crab is in season, so I had 4 pieces of them :P Also my favorite anago (conger eel). Yummy!!!

During the holiday, I cleaned up my stuff which I haven't used for approx 6 years, which made 10 garbage bags (5 of them are clothes)! But then I have done it... I thought the first garbage collection day is Friday but was today (this morning)! So we have to keep those garbage bags in our room for 3 more days!!!

This holiday was fast. I have to work from tomorrow. I couldn't go shopping during the holiday, so I hope I can this weekend! I'm sure I won't buy too much since I just organized my stuff. haha

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  1. I love crab too! That spread sure looks yum!
    I know what you mean about clearing out closets, such a pain but has to be done!
    Happy new year dear!

  2. Oh we have conveyor belt sushi here too it became very popular in the 90's lol when it fiest arrived here people were lining up like crazy to try it, even though it wasn't anything too special, just a belt that moved food!

    Wow ten bags is a lot of stuff, I always get my garbage day mixed up too hahaha then I have to run when I hear the garbage truck in the morning =P Whenever I clean out my closet and take out old clothes my mom always looks through them to see if I threw out anything she wants LOL I hope you get lots of good deals and enjoy your shopping this weekend!

  3. Ochi,

    Sushi seem good foods to me.I always suggest sushi to whenever we have no idea what to eat.Sushi is one of my favorite too.

    I think my room have lot of useless things too,only that I didn't pack them..Girls loves collecting things sometimes.

    Happy cleaning day!

  4. Hi Nazarina,

    I know you are busy but thanks for stopping by!!!

    I try to give myself a time limit so that I won't spend too much time in front of the closets. Haha.

  5. Hi suki pooki,

    You know what!? Now some sushi restaurants have 2 lines. One is the reglar conveyor belt and another is the express conveyor belt, which moves fast and stops right in front of you to bring you what you ordered to the sushi chef. Amazing!

    Your mom is cute! I try not to keep things (such as cute shopping bags) since I do keep things naturally...

  6. Hi jose,

    I'm glad to know that you love sushi (Jap food!).

    I know... 6 years made me collect a lot. I should better stop doing that since I sometimes don't find them when needed... X(

    I will keep on throwing out unnecessary stuff before I move to my new home!!!


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