Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After the Move

On 3/16, we moved into our new home. We did most of the packing when the movers came since we were quite at a loss... LoL

However, we minimalized our stuff and threw away unnecessary stuff. I think we made more than 50 trash bags in total! Whew...

Our move was done in few hours. It was quite fast!

After the quake, we couldn't find enough food at stores, but my mom luckily found soba and bought for us :D Eating soba after the move is a tradition in Japan - it is called Hikkoshi Soba. (I took photo after I mixed up all ingredients. Oops...)

One of our air conditioners are set. (Another one is delayed because of the quake.)

We bought the lights at half price ;)

I opened all the new pans that I kept in the boxes because now I have a huge drawer :D I can't wait to use them!!!

We are still cleaning up our stuff...

I hope I can start cooking soon!!!

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  1. Yipppeeee! I am pleased that you have moved and you can start your happy married life in a new house!

  2. Kombanwa ochisan.


  3. Ochi,


    I'm happy for you.Finally,the day that you have been awaiting arrive.I love your new place.It look so clean and spacious..

    Now,I want to see your fully furnished home..Must be cozy.

    Happy day!

  4. Wow! Moving seems so crazy sand that's a ton of garbage! LOL But I think a lot of people have the same amount when they move out too! Im still living with my parents so I can't imagine moving all my things to another place but it sure does sound exciting! I glad your new home was not harmed by the earthquake!

    It's so cute that you have the soda eating tradition after a move! I can't wait to see the house fully furnished and that dining table!!!!!!

  5. Hi Ochi,
    You really love to cook. I had stop cooking when I start working. How lazy am I. That's why I keep on gaining my weight.

  6. Hi fran,

    Yes. I hope happy time lasts long!!!
    Thanks ;)

  7. Hi merce-san,

    Thanks! Finally!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Time flies!!!
    Really spacious than before. I hope we can furnish our rooms nicely soon!!!

  9. Hi suki,

    Yes! We were relieved to find that the accent wall didn't fall off. haha

    I hope dining set matches our room!!!

  10. Hi anGeLine,

    I understand it is difficult to cook after work! I seldom cook on weekdays but go to gym. hehe

  11. Bonzai on your long married life together Ochi! I'm so excited to see your new home, and will you decorate your rooms more? Do you hang pictures on the wall there in Japan! I'm sure you'll spend tons of time in your new kitchen. I love my kitchen too, I've a radio and television in my kitchen because I spend so much time there! I hope all is well otherwise with the earthquake crisis!

  12. Thanks jo!!!

    I just realized your comment here. Yes, we are doing fine. We still have aftershocks but our days are getting better :)

    The idea watching TV while cooking is the same. That's why I made my kitchen close to living room :)


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