Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What "We" or "I" Can Do Now...

What we can do now is to save on electricity (because we lack electricity due to the nuclear power plant disaster) or stop stocking up on foods and supplies (many people do this on fears of the next disaster so the things come up short when someone is in need). Needless to say, we Japanese are working even harder to restore everything sooner.

Meanwhile, as Jon quotes the BBC News, the recent 9.0 earthquake in Miyagi may have slightly increased the chances for a large earthquake in the Tokyo area which is right in the middle of the plates that now believed to play a significant role in shaping seismic activity. How scary... I hope it may not happen anytime soon...

Facing the reality, many people may now think "time is money".

If I am not too late, I am ready to start what I can do now.

I pray for Japan, of course.

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  1. I hope there is not another disaster too! Reality is harsh now and people are really thinking about their families and themselves, I hope you are doing alright!

  2. yupp i saw it being reported in the news that every1's desperately grabbing foodstuff & other daily necessities off the shelves of supermarkets etc... the shelves looked really emptied out! im praying too that everything will revert back to normal and also praying that nothing more drastic will occur!

    love, mica

    (p.s. i've reopened my blog, but the url has changed, so here it is: http://thechefandherguineapiggy.blogspot.com)

  3. Ochi,

    I concern about Japan too..I watch news every night after work just to know more about Japan's condition.you know what??

    Radio and newspaper did mentioned Japanese are full of discipline and you all knew what to do during emergency.They praise Japanese for their calmness in handling those matters and advice everyone to learn from Japanese.

    Ya..I hope everything will back to normal.

  4. Hi suki,

    We are doing fine but many problems and worries... Our economy worsened, but I hope we can make a jump to good times :)

  5. Hi Mica,

    Yes. Still shelves are empty but getting better than before... When in disaster, those stocked foods are unuseful... we simply need to give up everything to save our lives...

    I hope no more disaster!!!

    I followed your blog ;)

  6. Hi jose,

    I'm happy to hear that positive news overseas!!! I hope Japan can make everybody vital :)


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