Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer 2011 in New York

Hi! I'm back now :D

6 days in NY were amazingly fast. When I leave Japan, I had too many things to do, so I thought leaving them behind for 6 days is not good, but now I think I should have planned to stay more days!!! LoL

Day 1 (7/1):

This was our fast time to take Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airways) because there wasn't any empty seat for the cheaper ones (usually we take Delta or Continental). What surprised us was their meals!!! They were amazingly delicious!!! Free alcohol, of course :) I watched 4 movies since the seat was very comfortable. Time we arrived in NY was noon, so we took a walk outside (took a pic in front of 23 foot tall giant yellow teddy bear) and met our friends at night. Every year we stay at Grand Hyatt. The room was nicely renovated this year :)

Day2 (7/2):

We had a breakfast at Grand Central Terminal and went for a walk at The High Line! The weather was really hot but nice. I took my 10th hula video at Hudson River Park (Pier 62). I will write about it later. For lunch, we went to The Fat Radish where I found on a Japanese magazine. Their foods were very healthy and delicious with lots of vegetables: omelette with a bunch of greens :D Then for dinner we went to a Malaysian restaurant called Nyonya. What we ordered were their popular dishes: Home Made Roti Canai (Indian Pancake), Sizzling Nyonya Tofu, and Singapore Rice Noodles. They were all great!

Day 3 (7/3):

We went Rabbithole Restaurant in Brooklyn for Breakfast. I had their recommended Stuffed French Toast! Yummy :) My darling had eggs benedict! Then we shopped around and went to the Brooklyn Brewery. My darling was really excited having a beer there ;) It was raining all day long so we enjoyed shopping. My darling enjoyed shopping at Superdry and bought their tees and bag for himself! For dinner, we went to La Lanterna di Vittorio where is famous for Pizza and Pumpkin Cognac Cheesecake! They were of course delicious!!!

Day 4 (7/4):

OMG! I finally found a place to try the 3-tiered afternoon tea!!! Alice's Afternoon Tea serves the afternoon tea menu before and after noon, which is cool :) So, we had The Mad Hatter menu (2 for $37). Their scones (especially the mixed berry) and sandwiches were amazingly delicious! Yay!!! Then we shopped upper west and walked down to the hotel through the central park. We had a dinner at Rock Center Cafe (as usual - we eat here every year). It's the place where my darling and I dated for the 2nd time. On the Broadway, we found cool Forever 21 electric bulletin board! Can you see us waving hands?! LoL We didn't join the crowds, so we kind of saw the July 4th fireworks from 42nd street. hehe

Day 5 (7/5):

Can you believe it's already the 5th day?! Yeah, I was kind of feeling in that way at this time :'( We took a breakfast at hotel's Market. They are open 24 hours, which is very convenient! For a snack, we went to my long-planned Luke's Lobster! A Taste of Maine, you can try half of lobster, crab, and shrimp! I shared it with my darling but I thought I could eat them all by myself later. hehehe Then we walked up to Union Square to shop (we tried YOGO frozen yogurt - sold on trucks) and went to Limelight Marketplace (originally a church). I never get tired of shopping! For dinner, we went to Hummus Place and tried their recommended dishes: Hummus Masabacha and Shakshuka. No meats?! Yeah, they serve vegetarian dishes. The foods were delicious but we kind of needed meats. haha

Day 6 (7/6):

7/6 is the special day! My darling proposed to me at The Pond of Central Park 2 years ago :) So, we kind of coming back here every year at the same time eating breakfast. (We bought our breakfast at Pret A Manger. I really loved the foods there!) I thought my darling might not answer to my question, but I asked him "why time flies?" then he said, "kiss me and time will stop". Wow! Is that true?! I kissed him, of course. Nothing happened!!! haha We love walking together in the city. Of course, time flies… At night, we planned to go to a cozy restaurant in Battery Park, but it was under renovation (or it was gone…) so we moved to the South Street Seaport. There we found Lobster Paella ($75) at Il Porto. It was pretty expensive, but my darling said okay because it's our last dinner. Thanks XOXO I really enjoyed the dish. Also, I talked him about my recipe stuff (kind of reality) that is not going well, and he said "I don't expect anything, so do as you want." How come he is so nice to me :)

Day 7 (7/7):

Time to go home. Our flight was early in the morning, so we left the city at 8AM X( The way back was Continental, so it was not that comfy like ANA, but was friendly on the wallet!!!

Sorry for my lousy typing… I really want to write more in detail and post more pictures, but need to move on and create my new recipes for contests and YouTube videos! But actually, I spent 2 hours writing this post! LoL

I shoot one video today, so I am going to edit it this week! And tomorrow I have new hula class to attend…

I wish I could have more time!!!

See you again :)

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