Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crunchy Wakame Salad - Video Recipe

New video is up now :D

Thin slices of cucumber adds nice texture to the soft wakame salad. You can season it with the dressing of your choice! Japanese style is good but Italian is nice, too ;)

Crunchy Wakame Salad

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10min
Number of servings: 2

5g (0.2oz) dried wakame seaweed
120g (4.2oz) cucumber
2 tbsp. Riken oil-free aojiso dressing (or dressing of your choice)
white sesame seeds if available

1. Cover and soak the wakame in cold water for about 5 minutes until it softens. Wash and drain the wakame, cut into bite-size pieces, and set it aside.
2. Slice the cucumber into thin rounds using a vegetable slicer. Put salt over the cucumber rounds, mix well, and leave for about 10 minutes until they soften. Wash and squeeze out the excess water. Dry with paper towels if you have.
3. Toss wakame and cucumber rounds with Riken oil-free aojiso dressing (or dressing of your choice).
4. Place in a dish and sprinkle sesame seeds.

I will be leaving for NY from Friday (tomorrow), so I will be away for a week!

See you when I come back :D

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  1. hope you have a fun trip! btw did you change your hairstyle?

    i'll tell my uncle to make this because he has a lot of wakame :)

  2. I really like your blog! I'm japanese too and so my mother makes cucumber salad too! But I'm from vancouver so our cucumber is not the same as the ones in Japan!
    I like how you make youtube vids too! and you have a blog both in japanese and english! I should do that too!!!!! anyways I am your newest follower, hope you can follow me back too!
    visit me

  3. Wah! Cucumber! I love that veggie and I love salad too! On of my favorite restaruants, Guu, do you remember? They make this really yummy salad but I have no idea what the dressing is! Plum? Yuzu?! No idea and they won't tell me hahaha such a secret =P But it does make me come back for more!

    Wow nyc!!!! Have fun Ochi! I'll miss you lots!! Omg you should make a japadog at home or even make a video of it!!! It's really just a regular hotdog with japanese dressing on it hahahaha and it's so expensive to eat here too or maybe I am just cheap? hahaha but 7$ for a regular hotdog seems pricey to me!

    Ahahaha I wish I was a princess! To me you seem like the perfect wife! I think my bf wil be very happy and marry me sooner if I can cook as well as you do! My cooking skills is very poor, one time I even burnt soup when I was just trying to reheat it in a pot =( I always thought afternoon tea was very popular in Japan, is it? I promise myself that I will try it next time I go to your country!

  4. Ochi! =D i love salad and cucumber! love your youtube videos it's always very clear to understand! =D and about the polaroid camera i really love it wahah it's so funny to see how the picture comes out the camera XD so exciting! lucky you that you are living in japan where you can find all the cute stuff easily whahaha! xx

  5. hi grub,‬

    ‪i didn't change my hairstyle. do i look different? hehe i have a bag of dried wakame, but it is hard to consume it all before it expires. haha

  6. hi mio,

    thanks for stopping by!!! i know, cucumbers there are huge, right?!

    i'm glad you liked my videos! i just followed you back :) actually, i don't have that many japanese friends here, so i'm glad to know you!

  7. hi suki,

    wow, i really wanna try out that dressing :D

    i think $7 is expensive for a hotdog!!! i wish i could try out the japadog to see how it tastes!!!


you can cook if you get married to him. don't worry! i never cooked when i was living by myself! haha

    afternoon tea is not at all popular here, so some hotels serve it very pricey, like the hotel you know X(

  8. hi candy,

    i'm glad my videos are clear for you!

    yeah, there are too many cute stuff here in japan, so i don't even get them since i think there should always a better product. isn't it funny?! haha


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