Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tōrō Nagashi (灯篭流し)

We have uncertain weather these days. I think it rained all days last week like rainy season.

On Saturday (8/20), we had Tōrō Nagashi (灯篭流し) event near home. It was postponed to that day since it rained hard on Friday.

Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し) means to flow lantern. It is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns (chōchin) down a river. This is primarily done on the last evening of the Bon Festival: festival based on the belief that this guides the spirits of the departed back to the other world.

The boat in the river carried all the lanterns. Sorry for the bad quality...

My darling and I don't have a tradition of doing this, so we watched the lanterns floating along the river. They were beautiful but the flow of the river was so slow that they were still.

Do you have any traditional event in summer in your country?!

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