Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Make Shrimp and Pork Harumaki (Spring Rolls / Egg Rolls) - Video Recipe

Harumaki was requested by my darling =)

I combined my favorite shrimp and my darling's favorite meat (pork) together.

It goes great with rice and perfect for bento box!

Yummy yummy yummy XD

Shrimp and Pork Harumaki (Spring Rolls / Egg Rolls)

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 1 hour
Number of servings: 10

10 spring roll pastry (wrappers)
250g (8.8oz.) shelled shrimp
150g (5.3oz.) ground pork
1 tbsp. grated ginger
40g (1.4oz.) Harusame noodles (cellophane noodles)
5 Chinese chives
* 1 tbsp. oyster sauce
* 1 tbsp. sake
* 1 tsp. soy sauce
* 1 tsp. sugar
cracked black pepper
a dash of sesame oil
cooking oil
a bit of flour and water to seal the spring roll pastry
vegetable oil for frying

1. Cut shrimp into chunks. Cut Chinese chives into an inch long pieces. Soak Harusame noodles in warm water and cut into bite size pieces if necessary.
2. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan and saute the pork and grated ginger. When the pork is no longer pink, add shrimp, and season with A. Now add the Chinese chives and the Harusame noodles and cook until the liquid is soaked into the noodles. Then finish with cracked black pepper and a dash of sesame oil. Stop the heat and leave to cool completely.
3. Divide the filling into 10 portions. Place 1 portion of the filling about 2 inches above the bottom corner of the spring roll pastry. Roll the wrapper half-way. Then fold both sides in toward the center and continue to roll. Spread a small amount of the mixture of flour and water on the tip to seal. *You can freeze them and deep fry when you want :)
5. Heat vegetable oil in a large pan to 140C (284F). Dip 5 (or maybe all if you have a large pan) spring rolls and deep fry them slowly until golden brown and crisp, stirring occasionally. *It takes about 10 minutes but in this way you will get crispy spring rolls!

FYI: Harusame noodles (cellophane noodles) is a type of transparent noodle made from potato starch.


Basic Harumaki Recipe

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