Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Make Minions Bento Lunch Box (Despicable Me) - Video Recipe

This Minions Bento was requested by viewers.

I was going to watch the movie then knew it will be released on September 21st in Japan. lol

BTW, Sweet and Sour Pork is colorful and nutritious. Perfect for bento box!

Minions Bento

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 40min
Number of servings: 10-12 Minions

((Sweet and Sour Pork))
((Minions Rice‪))‬
* 1 egg
* 1 tsp. sugar
* a pinch of salt
cooking oil
‪cooked white Japanese rice‬
Nori sheet
sliced cheese
((Minions Rice‪))‬
cherry tomato

((Sweet and Sour Pork))
((Minions Rice‪))‬
1. Mix A. Heat cooking oil in a Tamagoyaki Nabe (rectangular omelet pan) on low heat, pour the egg mixture in the pan and spread over the surface. ‪Cook the egg until the edges begin to dry, then ‬start rolling‪.‬
2. Wrap in plastic wrap while it's warm‪, ‬then‪ leave to cool to keep its shape.‬
3. Cut out Nori sheet and sliced cheese to make the face parts.
4. Cut the egg into 1/3-inch pieces.
5. Put the rice in a Bento box. Arrange the Tamagoyaki on the rice. Attach the face parts with bits of mayonnaise.


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