Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Make Western-Style Panda Lunch Box (200K GIVEAWAY) - Video Recipe

Is there anyone who brings Onigiri (rice balls) to school?!
I think it is a cool idea ;) hehe

Western-Style Panda Lunch Box

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: N/A

((Panda Sandwiches))
slices of bread
nutela or a jam of your choice
((Panda Rice Balls‪))‬
cooked white Japanese rice
Nori sheet
cherry tomato
snack of your choice
mandarin orange

((Panda Sandwiches))
1. Place CuteZCute cutter on a slice of bread. Then press down on the top and twist the cutter back and forth (with pressure) to cut out the edges. Using the stamp, you can cut out the panda face, too. Included panda assistant helps remove edges of small cut-out.
2. Spread some nutela or a jam of your choice on a slices of bread and make a sandwich.
((Panda Rice Balls‪))‬
1. Mix in a pinch of salt in the cooked rice.
2. Use plastic wrap and form the rice into an oval shape.
3. Cut out Nori sheet to make panda face parts. Attach them with tweezers.


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