Monday, August 28, 2017

Bite-Sized Onigiri Rice Balls Idea for Toddlers - Video Recipe

I make these small rice balls because my daughter does not eat well~ in this way she enjoys eating those with chopsticks or I can put in her mouth while she walks around… haha #2years8months

Basic Onigiri Recipe:

Bite-Sized Onigiri Rice Balls

Difficulty: VERY Easy
Time: 3min
Number of servings: n/a

cooked rice
rice seasonings
Nori seaweed sheet cut into small pieces

1. Cut Nori seaweed sheet into small pieces then stock them in an air-tight container with a silica gel (desiccant).
2. Place cooked rice on a sheet of plastic wrap to save dish washing. Sprinkle with rice seasonings of your choice, tap a little bit with a rice paddle to mix, then wrap to make a thin roll.
3. Pinch off bite-sized pieces with Nori to make small rice balls. Make as many you want.


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