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Mochi Donuts (5-Ingredient Pon De Ring) Recipe | Japanese Cooking Video

Mochi Donuts (Pon De Ring) is the top-selling donut at Mister Donut (donut shop) in Japan. Chewy sugar coated donut like Mochi. My daughter loves it 😋

5-Ingredient Mochi Donuts (Pon De Ring VEGAN Recipe)
5-Ingredient Mochi Donuts (Pon De Ring VEGAN Recipe)

The easiest and the fastest way to make Mochi Donuts is to use "Hot Cake Mix"! You can never fail to make it. I tried to make it with regular flour then my daughter said it tastes like a bread 😅 Not bad but true.

Hot Cake Mix:


How to Make Mochi Donuts (Pon De Ring Recipe)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 6 donuts

*US 240ml cup measurements

3/4cup(100g) Hot Cake Mix
3/4cup(100g) Shiratamako (lumpy glutinous rice flour)
200g (7oz.) silken Tofu (soft Tofu)
Sugar Glaze
* 5 tbsp. powdered sugar
* 1 tbsp. water

1. Cut parchment paper into 4 inch (10cm) square pieces.
2. Put Shiratamako and silken Tofu in a bowl and mix well until smooth. Then add hot cake mix and mix well.
3. Divide it into 6 pieces. Then divide each into 8 pieces and make small balls. On the square parchment paper, arrange 8 balls to form a circle.
4. Deep fry in oil at 170C (340F), 3 pieces at a time, for 1.5 minutes on each side until golden. Remove from the oil and drain.
5. Mix the sugar glaze, dip in hot donuts, let cool completely.


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