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Edamame Corn Flowing Somen Noodles (At-Home Fun Party Rainbow LED Machine) Recipe | Japanese Cooking Video

Kids requested me to make Edamame and Corn Nagashi Somen (Flowing Somen). 

Edamame and corn were pretty easy to catch and eat 😉 Kids enjoyed it very much 👍

Edamame Corn Flowing Somen Noodles
Edamame Corn Flowing Somen Noodles

Somen is perfect refreshing food for hot and humid summer season :)

Sōmen (素麺) is very thin Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. The noodles are usually served cold in summer with a dashi flavored tasty dipping sauce called Mentsuyu (めんつゆ).

Soomen Party (Flowing Somen Machine): 

Basic Nagashi Somen (Flowing Somen Noodles) Recipe:


Edamame Corn Flowing Somen Noodles Recipe

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 15min
Number of servings: N/A

frozen edamame and canned kernel corn are OK! (Fibers may get stuck in the machine, so you want to be careful.)
Other Topping Ideas:
cooked shrimp 
goldfish tomatoes (optional)
cucumber slices (or thin strips)
shredded chicken
Yakibuta (braised pork) is good
Shiso leaves
Naganegi (long onion slices)
Aonegi (chopped green onions)
ginger strips
((Somen Dipping Sauce))
((Somen Noodles))
dried Somen noodles

((Somen Dipping Sauce))
I used this Mentsuyu (noodle soup base) btw: ヤマサ ぱぱっとちゃんと これ!うま!!つゆ
Dilute with water as instructed on its package.
((Somen Noodles))
Boil water in a large pot. Add dried Somen noodles in boiling water and gently stir noodles with chopsticks. Cook Somen noodles according to your package (mine was 2 min). Drain the noodles in a strainer and rinse the noodles with hands under running water. 

NOTE: You can put about 100g (usually 2 bundles) of Somen noodles in the machine or the noodles won't flow.

((Somen Dipping Sauce from scratch))
* 300ml Dashi broth (using packaged dashi powder saves time)
* 4 tbsp. Mirin (sweet Sake)
* 4 tbsp. soy sauce
In a pot, bring Dashi broth, Mirin, and soy sauce to a boil. You can also microwave until it comes to a boil. Cool in the fridge until ready to serve.


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