Monday, December 13, 2010

My Birthday Present

On Saturday, my darling threw me a birthday party :D

As a present, he gave me exactly what I want! JILL STUART's mix blush #6! How sweet, he gave me a small pink bouquet along with it. They both came out nice in my keepsake photo :)

At night, my darling booked a restaurant called "SONO". They are famous for creative Japanese food and soba made of 100% buckwheat flour. Huge fried shrimps with tartar sauce were really juicy, chunky and yummy! Of course, their soba was fablicious. I loved the way they served the soba with fresh grated wasabi!!!

I really don't eat sweets for dessert (because my darling doesn't), but how happy to have a birthday cake in front of me :D Half each was too much, though. hehe.

I gave him back a lot of hugs and kisses :) Thank you!!!

BTW, the image at the top is me with my darling's Amazon Kindle. He put the Apple sticker on the back. Fake iPad?! haha.

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