Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8th Anniversary on New York Time

8 years ago, on 6/7, I met my darling at my friend's party!!!

It was right at this time in New York (EST)! hehe

So tonight, we are going out for a dinner. Ya===y :D

We have many anniversaries over the next few months.

Are your anniversaries consecutive?!

Have a nice day!!!

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  1. how romantic! what other anniversaries do u celebrate apart frm marriage anniversaries?^^ what did u have for dinner?

  2. Wow Congratulation on your 8 year anniversary with your hunni!!! How does it feel!? Still as exciting as first year? hahaha My bf and my anniversary is in august, he still can't believe we've been together for this long! =D Our anniversaries aren't consecutive, Im not sure if I could have that since I would have no money left at the end hahahaha

    P.s I love your videos Ochi!!!! Oh and I finally finish my exam but I have another at the end of the month T_T Ahhh the life of a student, never-ending exams and readings!!!

  3. Congrats♥♥♥ochisan☺

    and take care always!

  4. Happy anniversary Ochi! =D congrats!! wow 8 year is very long! wish you two alle the best! =D me and my boyfriend have our 5th anniversary in September! actually i went to a birthday party that day in my last post wahahah xx

  5. hi mica,

    we celebrate the day when we started to date, which is 2 months later. also, when he proposed. and our wedding day (different from the marriage day). hehe i don't want to spend a lot of money for our celebration, but want to make the day special :D

  6. hi suki,

    thanks!!! yes! still exciting and i really feel i love him on such a day :) like you say, i don't want to spend too much, so i always make the day special, sometimes staying at home and just getting flowers :)

    oh suki, you will miss all those exams at the time you graduate. hehehe

  7. thanks merce-san!!!

    i'm glad to hear from you :D

  8. hi candy,

    was it your birthday?! you really dressed nice :)
    5 years are long! my friends are all doing well with their bf, which is really a good news!!!


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