Thursday, June 9, 2011


For our 8th anniversary celebration, we've been to a Hawaiian restaurant called Loco's TABLE MAHANA in Ebisu :D

Dinner here is really Hawaiian with flowers and tropical seasonings :) Loco Moco rice bowl is a must order dish! And unexpectedly, the pork rib with BBQ sauce was pretty good!

Here there's a hula show and one of my hula teachers dances every other week!!! I shoot a video of the dance "Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai" which we are learning right now! I will share it privately at my YouTube soon!

It was such a wonderful night.

Have a good day!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi!

    Congratulations on your anniversary, it sounded like a very sweet and good meal was had! Haha, I kind of found it funny when I first heard of the loco moco dish because in spanish "loco" means crazy and "moco" means...booger XD

  2. Hi Theda!!!

    How is Florida?! Thanks for stopping by!!! Oh, right! I know loco(a) means kind of crazy tonto! But is Loco Moco Hawaiian language?! or is it Japanglish kind?! hahaha very funny with moco XD

  3. Wow everything looks great here! I wonder if we have a Hawaiian restaurant in my city, it looks fun to try, I can taste the pineapple already! hahaha

    You know what's funny? How people relate a certain food with culture! For example, lots of Caucasians think that japanese eat sushi everyday! Or that chinese people eat sweet and sour pork a lot! Though I guess Im doing the same with relating pineapple and hawaiian food haha

    This looked like a great place to have a anniversary dinner!

  4. Ochi,

    Congratulations on your 8th year anniversary.8th year is a long journey but still have many many years to celebrate.

    Ken and I just passed our 4th year anniversary and we started to get headache for giving each others presents.

    Good day!

  5. hi suki,‬

    oh really?! we don't eat sushi every day. hahaha
    but i understand that kind of point of view, because i think Italian eat pasta most of the time. oops

  6. hi jose,

    thanks!!! if we compare to our parents, yeah… many years to go!!!

    i didn't give anything to my darling… oops… but i think i give him enough love every day. hahaha


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