Monday, October 10, 2011

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary at TATSUYA KAWAGOE Restaurant

Tatsuya Kawagoe is a very popular celebrity Italian chef in Japan. He has an Italian restaurant called TATSUYA KAWAGOE (タツヤ・カワゴエ) in Daikanyama which is reserved for three months in advance!!! So 3 months ago, I called the restaurant and made a dinner reservation! However, a month later, my darling was invited to his friend's wedding on our anniversary day, so I was pretty shocked that we have to cancel it… but fortunately, they changed our dinner reservation to lunch reservation, so we could celebrate our anniversary there today on 10/10. (Our wedding post is HERE.)

Did I expect too much!? LoL
The restaurant was normal. The food they serve was not as fancy as I've heard. Only the thing I could say is they use pretty good ingredients. So I would give 5 stars for the ingredients but for the creativity, maybe 2 stars…

And the waiter was weird… the lady next to us went to the restroom and she didn't come back for maybe 5 minutes. There was only one restroom at this restaurant, so of course other people were waiting. The waiter then asked the other lady at the same table if her companion is okay at the restroom… Unbelievable Question! Of course I said to my darling that I will go to the restroom later at the station… I think the restaurant was pretty uncomfortable with too many waiters watching us!!!

I pretty much understand that Tatsuya Kawagoe once said he wants to close the restaurant… it is worth to pay for the ingredients but not worth to wait for 3 months!

Anyways, those who read my blog might already know but we filed our marriage paper on November 22nd, 2009! So the next anniversary is coming soon!!! I think I should ask my darling to decide the restaurant since he is much better at selecting cozy restaurant!!!

Below are the dishes we had today ;D

Whoa! They use the cup I have. hehe

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