Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Make Gyoza Wrappers from Scratch - Video Recipe

This video will show you how to make Gyoza wrappers at home.

This video will show you how to make Gyoza wrappers at home.

Of course using store-bought ones saves time, but making from scratch tastes even better :)


How to Make Gyoza Wrappers from Scratch

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1hr
Number of servings: 25-30 wrappers (about 3.7-inch rounds)

100g (3.5oz.) cake flour
100g (3.5oz.) bread flour (strong flour)
1/3 tsp. salt
110ml warm water
*you can use 200g (7oz.) all purpose flour instead

1. Sift together cake flour and bread flour for 2-3 times.
2. Mix salt in warm water.
3. Add salted water little by little into the dry ingredients, using a spatula or a spoon to mix, until you can form the mixture into a ball with your hands. Knead the dough for about 7 minutes. Add more water or flour depending on the consistency.
4. Shape the dough into a log and wrap in plastic wrap. Rest the dough at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can prepare the filling.
5. Cut the log into 25-30 pieces. On a lightly floured surface roll out each piece into a 3.7-inch (9.5cm) circle. (Make the outer edge thinner than the center, if possible.) Dust it again with flour and stack it up.

You can cut out with a circle cookie cutter to make perfect circles.
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and keep in the fridge (up to 3 days) until ready to use.


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