Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How to Make Kiki & Lala Little Twin Stars Bento Lunch Box - Video Recipe

You don't have to be perfect but just make sure you cut at the same angle. In other words, the figure can be very abstract, as you can see ;)

12/24 is Kiki Lala's birthday!!!
Kiki is younger twin brother. He can fly with the star on his back.
Lala is his elder sister. She can control Kiki's direction using her star stick. It can also put out some sweets.

Kiki Lala Bento

Difficulty: Patience
Time: 15 min (to make the Kiki Lala rice)
Number of servings: 1

((Kiki Lala Rice))
cooked white Japanese rice
a pinch of salt (or rice seasoning)
1 egg
Hagoromo Deco Furi Rice Sprinkles (Pink and Blue)
cooking oil
sliced cheese
sliced ham
Nori sheet
cooked okra
((NO EGG Marmalade Meatballs))

((Kiki Lala Rice))
1. Put steamed rice in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt (or rice seasoning) to season it. Place it in a bento box.
2. Put 1 tbsp. of egg white in 2 small bowls. Mix in a bit of Pink and Blue Rice Sprinkles (leave them for a while to dissolve). If the egg yolk is thick, mix in a bit of milk, then season it with salt to taste. Heat cooking oil in a small pan on low heat, pour the egg mixture in the pan and spread over the surface. ‪Cook the egg until the edges begin to dry, then ‬flip it over and cook the other side‪.‬
3. With a permanent marker (Sharpie), trace your favorite Kiki Lala illustration on the parchment paper and cut it out.
4. Place the stencil on the yellow sheet of egg and cut out a star (use a design knife).
5. Cut off the star from the stencil, then cut all parts into pieces.
6. Place the stencils, cut out pink and blue egg to make their hair (use a design knife). Cut out cheese to make their clothes (use a design knife). Cut out ham to make their faces, hands, and feet (use a design knife). Cut out Nori sheet to make their eyes and mouths (use eyebrow scissors).
7. Arrange the parts with tweezers. Garnish with chopped okra stars.
((NO EGG Marmalade Meatballs))

Yes, you can use Wilton Icing Color! Dilute the gel color with a little milk (or water), then mix in the egg white.


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