Friday, April 15, 2016

Spaghetti Napolitan (Popular Japanese Pasta Dish) - Video Recipe

Spaghetti Napolitan sounds like an Italian dish; however, it is a very popular Japanese pasta dish, a mealtime favorite across Japan.

It is mainly seasoned with tomato Ketchup. Please use Kagome tomato ketchup for better taste ;)

I used less tomato ketchup for my 1-year-old daughter. It is a perfect dish for babies!!! For adults, you can season it with additional tomato ketchup right before you eat ;)

Spaghetti Napolitan

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 2 adults and 1~2 babies

200g (7oz.) spaghetti
100g (3.5oz.) onion
50g (1.8oz.) carrot
50g (1.8oz.) green pepper
2 slices of ham
1/2 consomme cube or powder
2 or more tbsp. tomato ketchup
5 tbsp. canned diced tomatoes
1 tsp. olive oil
grated parmesan cheese

1. Slice the onion. Thinly slice the carrot, green pepper, and ham.
2. Cook spaghetti as directed on its package.
3. Heat olive oil in a frying pan, stir-fry onion and carrot slices until tender. Then add ham and green pepper and cook until just combined.
4. Mix in diced tomato, tomato ketchup, and consomme cube. Then add the spaghetti and toss to coat evenly.
5. For a baby, remove a small bowl of Napolitan (100g=3.5oz.) and place it into a small pot. Add 150ml water, then simmer until water is fully absorbed and tender. You can cut the pasta into small pieces and/or add more tomato ketchup to season it, depending on the age of your baby.
6. For adults, season the dish with additional tomato ketchup (2~6 tbsp.) to your taste. Then dust with grated parmesan cheese to finish.


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