Thursday, March 9, 2017

Edible Snowman (Tamago Boro/Egg Biscuits/小饅頭) - Video Recipe

Tamago Boro (Egg Biscuits) are very popular snack in Japan, especially among kids (from 7 month babies to toddlers)!

One day, my daughter attached two pieces together and said "Yukidaruma (snowman)"! So I glued them together and drew eyes on it.

Edible Snowman

Here are what I used:
Deco Choco Pen White デコチョコペン ホワイト 1本9g
Edible Drawing Pen (black) 食べれるおえかきペン(ブラック)3g

How to Make Tamago Boro (Egg Biscuits 小饅頭) from scratch

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