Monday, August 28, 2017

EASY! NO-FAIL! Tako-san (Octopus) Sausages - Video Recipe

Octopus Sausages (Tako-san Sausage) is a basic side dish for Bento lunch box :)

Kitchen shears I used!

EASY! NO-FAIL! Tako-san (Octopus) Sausages

Difficulty: VERY Easy
Time: 3min
Number of servings: n/a

Winny (No-Skin Cooked Sausages) OR any sausages
black sesame seeds if you like
tomato ketchup if you like

1. Cut a sausage in half. Use the kitchen shears to make 8 legs. (See Video)
2. Microwave on medium for 10 seconds or until the legs curl up. If you are using non-cooked sausages, you want to BOIL or PAN FRY them thoroughly.
3. Insert black sesame seeds for eyes, then eat with tomato ketchup if you like.

BTW, at my daughter’s nursery school, they microwave kids’ Bento lunch box, so I just make the slits then put in the Bento lunch box. Super easy and happy for both of us ;)


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