Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Recipes will be published in a Monthly FREE "Japan Up! Magazine" 💕

Starting from February 2018 Issue, my recipes will appear on FREE "Japan Up! Magazine".

"Japan Up! Magazine" provides informative articles about the latest Japanese trends in food, culture, and entertainment in ENGLISH.

This magazine is FREE!!!

Distributed on the 1st of every month / 50,000 copies
Greater Los Angeles area including Orange County, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, South Bay, and San Jose areas.
TOTAL Roughly 800 locations (U.S. Markets / Asian Markets etc...)
Distribution details are here:

I will appear on the front cover of FEB 2018 Issue 👍

You can PRINT OUT or SAVE the high resolution magazine recipe data here on my blog 💕

If you have re-created my recipe please don't forget to #ochikeronjapanup I am looking forward to seeing it 😋

I am doing this for free btw, so please support me by getting the magazine~ it makes my day! hehe

The front cover of FEB 2018 Issue


Japan Up! Magazine Ochikeron

Japan Up! Magazine Ochikeron
Japan Up! Magazine Ochikeron

Japan Up! Magazine Ochikeron

Japan Up! Magazine Ochikeron

FEB 2018 BACK ISSUE HERE (so far from PC only):
The site is in FLASH format.
If you are using iPhone iPad, please view it from your computer, or, please follow my Instagram or Facebook. I will post the original high resolution pictures there for you 👍

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  1. This is amazing, congrats! I look forward to see all the recipes.

  2. Getting a "404 not found" when I click the back issue link.
    Is there a way to get a hard copy of the magazine if you live in a state besides CA?
    Love your work! Keep up the great job!

    1. thank you for this comment. so far the site is only available from PC... they are fixing this problem, they say... well, i just uploaded better image files here 👍

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