Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cure Grace Bento Lunch Box (7 Useful Tips to Make Kyaraben) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

This video will show you how to make Cure Grace Bento Lunch Box from Healin' Good Pretty Cure (2020) along with 7 Useful Tips to Make Kyaraben (character Bento lunch box) 💖 You can apply this techniques to make other characters as well.

Cure Grace Bento Lunch Box
Cure Grace Bento Lunch Box

Take time 😊👍


7 Tips to make Kyaraben (character Bento lunch box)

#1 Find the image easy to work with: Opened eyes are sometimes difficult to make, so choosing the character with smiling eyes or winked eyes saves time.
#2 Make rough sketch of Bento: detailed ideas are better because you may run out of energy to go easy.
#3 Shop ingredients based on your sketch: if you have detailed ideas with you, you may luckily find better ingredients.
#4 Use vivid colors for the egg crepes. Egg white is easy to break, so you can mix starch and water to prevent it from breaking(1 tsp. starch & 1 tsp. water for 1 egg white).
#5 Start from larger parts, trace them on a parchment paper, and cut out the ingredient with a design  knife.
#6 Make sure you don't put eyes on top of ham (face). Face parts must be at the same level or eyes will look like popping out and scary...
#7 Cut Nori seaweed lines as thin as possible. Thick lines look sloppy...

Basic ingredients you need to make Kyaraben:
food coloring
cheese slices
ham slices
Kanikama (fish cake)
Kamaboko (fish cake)

Time you need may depend on the character and your concentration. Please take time to make it. You can make the character a day before and keep it in the fridge.

*You can make rice or noodle dish with a lot of vegetables to save time making side dishes.


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