Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tortilla de Patata con Quelpo Japonés (Japanese-Style Spanish Omelette) - Video Recipe

Tortilla de Patata (Potato Tortilla) is one of the typical Spanish dishes. In my recipe, I am not going to deep fry the potatoes in olive oil (because it is fattening) but steam them in a pot (or pan) with a tablespoon of olive oil! This is a very healthy idea. I hope you like it!

Tortilla de Patata con Quelpo Japonés (How to Make Japanese-Style Spanish Omelette)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 25min
Number of servings: 2 people

Necessary Equipment:
18cm (7inch) non-stick frying pan (or pot is okay if you can flip the omelette over)

3 eggs
1 (160g=5.6oz.) potato
1/4 (50g=1.8oz.) onion
1 clove garlic
1 tbsp. olive oil
10g (2 tbsp.) Shio-Kombu (salted kelp)

1. Cut the potato in half lengthwise. Then cut into thin slices. Thinly slice the onion. Mince the garlic.
2. In a 18cm (7inch) frying pan (or pot), heat the olive oil and saute the garlic until fragrant. Then add onion and potato, and saute until evenly coated with oil. Cover, turn the heat down to low, and slowly cook for about 10 min (stir once if possible) until the potato slices are fork tender. Stop the heat and let them cool until just warm. (You can microwave them at 500w for 5 min.)
3. Beat eggs in a bowl, add Shio-Kombu and the cooked vegetables, then mix well.
4. In the same pan (add olive oil if necessary), pour the egg mixture into the pan and spread over the surface. Cover and cook on low for about 10 minutes until you can flip the omelette without breaking it. Then cook the other side.


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