Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DAISO Kawaii Animal Tofu Stamps - Video Recipe

This set of 4 cute tofu stamps is a very popular item sold at DAISO (100yen shop in Japan). It can get sold out quite soon, so if you happened to find it, just get it! You can use them to stamp cookie dough as well ;)


A cute side dish in a second, even if you don't have time! hehe

What You Need:
Kinugoshi-Dofu (Silken Tofu is recommended)
soy sauce OR dark-colored dressing is OK

How to Use:
1. Press stamp onto a piece of Tofu.
2. Slowly and carefully remove the stamp from the edge.
3. Pour soy sauce onto the imprint.

FYI (soy sauce I used):
Matsuno Shoyu (in Kyoto) has practiced the traditional handmade method of making Japanese soy sauce for 200 years. Only the best ingredients are chosen because these decide the final aroma and taste of their soy sauce after fermentation in wooden barrels.

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