Friday, September 25, 2015

Tsukimi Onigiri (DAISO Rice Ball Shaker) - Video Recipe

This rice ball shaker is sold at DAISO (100yen shop in Japan). It can help you make 3 small rice balls in a minute! Perfect for Bento, and of course you can arrange it to make Tsukimi Dango ;)

Tsukimi (月見) is moon-viewing, also known as Jugoya (十五夜), refers to Japanese festivals honoring the mid-autumn full-moon. We decorate with offerings of Tsukimi-Dango (月見団子 moon-viewing dumplings), made to look like the moon.

Dango recipe is HERE:

What You Need:
cooked white rice
rice seasoning (if you like)

How to Use:
1. Season the rice with rice seasoning if you like.
2. Fill the rice lightly up to the height of the container.
3. Shake up and down for 20-30 times.


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