Saturday, June 24, 2017

How to Make Beni Shōga (Red Pickled Ginger) - Video Recipe

Beni Shōga (Red Pickled Ginger) is a type of Tsukemono (Japanese pickles) that have been pickled in Akaumezu (red plum vinegar), the brine produced when making Umeboshi (pickled plums). The red color is derived from Akajiso (red Shiso leaves).

It is usually served with Yakisoba, Takoyaki, or Okonomiyaki.

Beni Shōga (Red Pickled Ginger)

Do you like it?! I received many requests for this recipe.

With this recipe, you can eat it in 6 hours, keep in the fridge good for about 3 days :)

Beni Shōga (Red Pickled Ginger)

Difficulty: Super Easy
Time: 6hrs
Number of Servings: N/A

100g (7oz.) ginger
50ml Akaumezu (red plum vinegar)

1. Pour some hot water in a glass cup to disinfect it. Empty the jar and dry it out. It will dry quickly with residual heat.
2. Peel and cut the ginger into thin strips.
3. Boil for 2-3 minutes to remove the bitter taste. Leave to cool, then drain well using paper towels. *you can drink or use the broth if you like.
4. Place Akaumezu and the ginger slices in the disinfected cup. You can eat it after 6 hours.

* You can keep in the fridge good for about 3 days.


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