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How to Make Omu Curry (Kare Raisu with Perfectly Soft and Creamy Omelette) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Omucurry (Omu Curry) is short for "Omurice (Omelette Rice) with Curry".

To make Omucurry, you can wrap white rice or chicken fried rice with a thin sheet of fried egg OR soft and creamy scrambled eggs. How you want to make is up to you. In this video I will show you how to wrap white rice with creamy scrambled eggs (some people make creamy omelette then split the middle on top of the rice to cover, scrambled eggs are easier).

Omu Curry
Omu Curry (Kare Raisu with Perfectly Soft and Creamy Omelette)

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How to Make Omurice (EASY Japanese Omelette Rice Recipe)


How to Make Omu Curry

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 7min + curry cooking time
Number of servings: 1

2 eggs
1 tbsp. Milk
a pinch of salt
pepper if you like
10g (about 1 tbsp.) butter
1 bowl of rice
curry of your choice

1. Put eggs in a bowl and remove the chalaza (to mix smooth).
2. Add milk and salt (pepper if you like), then mix very well with a whisk until the egg white and egg yolk blend together.
3. Heat butter on medium. Pour in the egg mixture. As eggs begin to cook in the bottom of the pan, slowly pull the eggs in big circles, forming large soft curds.
4. While the egg liquid still remains, fill the gaps between the scrambled eggs so that you won't see the bottom of the pan. Place the eggs on top of the rice.
5. Serve curry next to the omelette rice.


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