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How to Make Melon Cream Soda (Melon Float) Classic Japanese Summer Drink | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Melon Cream Soda (or Melon Soda Float) is a very popular classic Japanese drink loved by both kids and adults. It is always available at casual restaurants (so called family restaurants), something like Coke in the US.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream makes the drink frothy and creamy as it melts. Delicious but be careful not to mix all at once or bubbles over. hehe

Melon Cream Soda (Melon Float)
Melon Cream Soda (Melon Float)

Recipe is very simple. Therefore you may want to buy a right syrup to get a better result. For instance, the syrup I used was pretty good! Only 3 bucks.

明治屋 マイシロップ メロン (Meidi-Ya My Syrup Melon)


How to Make Melon Cream Soda (Melon Float)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1 min
Number of servings: 1

melon syrup
soda (unsweetened)
ice cubes
vanilla ice cream (Meiji Essel Super Cup)
cherry if you like

BTW, Essel is made up by Meiji company which means "an excellent ice cream is essential". Haha

1. Fill a glass with a glassful of ice cubes.
2. Fill about a quarter to one third of a glass with syrup, then add soda, leaving a little space at the top for an ice cream.
3. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream to finish.

Adding a glassful of ice cubes keeps the ice cream from melting and frothing. By making this recipe, I noticed I should not blame the restaurant when it is served with lot of ice cubes. LOL


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