Monday, September 9, 2019

5 MIN How to Cook Edamame (Recipe) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Pan steaming Edamame is a Quick Easy and Delicious way to cook fresh green soybeans in pods. Edamame flavor is condensed and maximizes nutrient retention during cooking 👍 It is talked about in Japan quite recently that the result is better than boiling 😲

My daughter (4 years 8 months) ate most of them!

5 MIN How to Cook Edamame (Recipe)
5 MIN How to Cook Edamame (Recipe)

Yaki Edamame (Pan Roasted Edamame):
Edamame Gohan (Rice):


5 MIN Edamame (Pan-Steamed Recipe)

Difficulty: VERY EASY
Time: 5min
Number of servings: n/a

1 bag Edamame (250g/0.5lb)
1 tsp. salt
180ml water

1. Wash Edamame, drain well in a strainer, and coat with salt.
2. Put Edamame in a frying pan, add water, cover, and put on high. When it comes to a boil, turn down to medium, and cook for 5 minutes.


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