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Matcha Mille Crepe Cake (EASY No-Bake Recipe) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Easy, flavorful, and delicious :3

In this video I will show you how to make a beautiful Mille Crepe Cake with layers of flavorful Matcha crepes and Matcha cream 😋🍵

It's a No-Bake recipe using a frying pan. Easier than you think 👍

Matcha Mille Crepe Cake
Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

Matcha Powder I used (Aiya Sawa):

EASY Christmas Strawberry Mille Crêpe Cake is HERE:


Matcha Mille Crepe Cake (EASY No-Bake Recipe)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 45min
Number of servings: 15cm (6inch) mille crêpe cake

80g (2.8oz.) all purpose flour
1 tbsp. Matcha powder
2 tbsp. granulated sugar
a pinch of salt
2 eggs *room temperature
2 tbsp. melted butter
160ml warm milk
a few drops vanilla extract *if you like
((Matcha Cream))
* 200ml whipping cream
* 2 tbsp. granulated sugar
* 1 tbsp. Matcha powder

((10 Crêpes))
1. Sift in flour and Matcha powder in a bowl. Add sugar and salt, then mix well with a wire whisk.
2. Add beaten egg little by little and mix well.
3. Add melted butter and mix well.
4. Add warm milk little by little and mix well. Mix in a few drops vanilla extract if you like, and strain through a sieve. Then cover with plastic wrap and leave the batter to stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.
5. Use a nonstick pan, or wipe the surface of the frying pan with a thin layer of cooking oil using a paper towel. Heat the pan on medium, pour half a ladle of the batter into the pan, slowly move the pan in a circular motion to spread the batter evenly.
6. Cook until the edges begin to dry, then flip it over and cook the other side for about 10 seconds.
7. Leave them to cool completely.
((Matcha Cream))
1. Place whipping cream and granulated sugar in a dry clean bowl. Sift in Matcha powder. Float the bottom of the bowl in ice water, then whisk the cream until it forms a soft peak.
1. Place 1 crêpe on a plate, spread some whipped cream, then place another crêpe on top. Repeat to complete.
2. Place the cake in the fridge for a few hours ~ a day. The cream will set and you can cut the cake easily. Eat within the next day.
3. Dust with Matcha powder to finish.

※ Serve with Azuki Red Bean Paste if you like:


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