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How to Make Hello Kitty Bento Lunch Box - Video Recipe

This video will show you how to make Hello Kitty bento (lunch box) - Apple Farm decoration ;)

You know how difficult to draw Hello Kitty…

So, I recommend you to get a Hello Kitty mold (shaper) to make your life easier!

You can get the mold like this one!
Check out online or local Sanrio stores!!!

BTW, this is the book (comes with the Hello Kitty Onigiri Mold & the Nori Punch) I bought.
私は「はじめてでもかんたん&かわいい!サンリオキャラ弁当BOOK (学研ムック) 」を買いました☆

How to Make Hello Kitty Bento Lunch Box

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 30-60min (depending on your patience)
Number of servings: 2-3 bento boxes

((Stuffed Red Peppers))
2 red peppers *30g (1oz.) each
* 80g (2.8oz.) ground pork
* 40g (1.4oz.) minced onion
* salt and cracked black pepper
cooking oil
sliced American cheese
Nori sheet
((Vegetable Kinpira with Eggs))
I scrambled this Vegetarian Kinpira with eggs!
((Kamaboko Fish Cake House))
white Kamaboko fish cake
Kanikama (imitation crab meat/crab sticks)
sliced American cheese
spaghetti pasta
((Hello Kitty Onigiri Rice Ball))
cooked white Japanese rice
Nori sheet
red pepper bottom
drained canned whole corn kernels

((Stuffed Red Peppers))
1. Put A in a bowl and mix well by hand until all ingredients are combined and smooth.
2. Cut the bottoms off the red peppers to make a ribbon (ribbons) for the Hello Kitty Onigiri Rice Ball.
3. Cut each pepper into 3 rings, remove the seeds, and dust inside of peppers with flour.
4. Stuff the mixture into the peppers.
5. Heat cooking oil in a pan and place the stuffed peppers. When one side is golden brown, flip them over. Cover and steam for about 5 minutes until cooked through. In the same pan, lightly saute the Hello Kitty ribbons, and set aside.
6. Cut the sliced cheese with a toothpick to make apple cores. Cut Nori sheet with eyebrow scissors to make apple seeds.
*I bought leaf-shaped bento toothpicks at "CANDO" 100yen shop.
((Vegetable Kinpira with Eggs))
I scrambled this Vegetarian Kinpira with eggs!
((Kamaboko Fish Cake House))
1. Slice Kamaboko fish cake and cut into a house shape.
2. Peel off the red part of Kanikama to make the roof, and attach it with bits of spaghetti pasta. (pasta will absorb moisture from Kamaboko and gets soft after few hours, so you can eat it by lunchtime!)
3. Cut sliced cheese to make windows.
((Hello Kitty Onigiri Rice Ball))
1. Put steamed rice in a bowl and mix a pinch of salt to taste. Stuff the rice into the Hello Kitty Onigiri Mold (spread the rice into the crevices of the mold with a small spoon). Place the lid and push the rice down. Remove the lid, then push the rice out from the mold.
2. Use the Hello Kitty Nori Punch to make eyes and whiskers.
3. Place the side dishes and rice in the bento box. Then arrange the small parts with tweezers.

You can also use a plastic wrap to form the Hello Kitty rice ball but it requires a great patience…


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  1. Made this lunch for my daughter, just thought I'd share:) Mentioned you on my blog! Please stop by and check it out!! Thank you for the tutorial <3


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